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Teaching God\'s Timeless Truths Today! Teaching God\'s Timeless Truths Today!

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    Due to Covid-19 Gathering Restrictions we will only be hosting online services via this website and our Facebook Page. Live at 10:30 Sundays. Recordings viewable afterward. Thank you for you understanding 

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  • Mid Week Update and Bible Study

    Welcome to Pioneer Church's mid-week update! (6 May) All of our congregation is well. We BROADCAST our 10:30 Sun am worship services on our Facebook page-"Pioneer Evangelical Church" and our webpage- "", watch live or anytime.

    Send PRAYER & PRAISE notes to "comments" on Facebook page "Pioneer Evangelical Church",, FB Messenger, Pastor Steve’s cell 503-435-8179 or, marked public or private, we'll share at end of service, if you want. Thanks for mailing a check, free Echeck thru your bank, or donate by ZELLE, free interbank transfer, to Pioneer Evangelical Church, use 541-520-5119 as contact #.


    Our mid-week online Bible study continues in Judges 9-11 where Israel had several leaders, some good, some bad.

    1. 10 shows a pattern of life for Israel than may be a pattern for individuals. Note that even in their misery, while crying out to Jehovah God, it was awhile before they actually threw out the false gods. How badly do we really want change? Only enough to change immediate outer circumstances or enough to bring lasting inner & outer change?


    2. 11:1-3 (8:31) speaks of ones background as a hindrance, hangup or disability to overcome. Note the difference between the way Abimelech and Jephthah handled their backgrounds. It may be much more than just family background. What life circumstances do we need to overcome and how? We may have a "Napoleonic inferiority Complex" we're trying to overcome or better, respond as a maturing Christian-Ps 27:10, Is 43:4, Rom 12:3, Phil 4:13. 


    3. In 11:11 & 27-29 what quality of Jephthah made him successful? In 4-11 he sought to reaffirm the people's commitment to his potential leadership. Why is this important? Have you ever seen where the leader wasn't really the leader? Why was that? Who is responsible for that?


    4. What wise technique did he use in 12-28? Even though rebuffed by the enemy, why was diplomacy, rationality & communication wise? How do we handle conflict, with communication or with increased conflict? Who should we seek for advice in such situations? 2 Kings 19:14, Is 37:14, Prov 11:14, 15:22, 24:6.


    5. In 29, God was with him, but in spite of that, in 30 he acted rashly and impulsively, unlike his previous decisions. What does that say of a Christians' judgement in the heat of the moment? While he kept his vow to God, do you think there might have been a better way to respond to his own foolishness? Might God have allowed him to repent of his sin and redeem his daughter? (BTW-I believe when the innocent die, God still is with them and brings them home).


    See you Sunday for Mother's Day online!  Pastor Steve

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    • Sun - Streaming services only until further notice


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