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Teaching God\'s Timeless Truths Today! Teaching God\'s Timeless Truths Today!

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    Due to Covid-19 Gathering Restrictions we will only be hosting online services via this website and our Facebook Page. Live at 10:30 Sundays. Recordings viewable afterward. Thank you for you understanding 

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  • Mid Week Update and Bible Study

    We are opening public services this Sunday, June 7, 10:30 am with masks, social distance seating, Communion, and fellowship time outside afterwards. Drive by and visit at 11:15 if you wish. A children's song and activity sheets will be available, as we can't have Children's Church as we did. Facebook Live will continue as always for those choosing to stay home at this time. We'll continue this Midweek online Bible Study in place of Wed 10 am at church. See you Sunday, either Live or Facebook Live! Pastor Steve


    1. Skipping ahead a bit to RUTH 1, remember Moab was a product of sin, (Gen 19:30-38), worshipped the idol god Chemosh (Numbers 21:29), and had a bad history with Israel (Deut 23:3-6). Going to Moab for an Israeli was a last resort. Why was there famine in Israel but not Moab?


    2. Do you think Elimelech's decision to leave Bethlehem (which means Bread) was a wise choice? Mahlon and Chilions names meant "sick" and "pining". How might that have influenced the fathers decision?


    3. The family had a bad experience in Moab. Can you think of any possible reasons? Does God punish us for a bad decision? Does "backsliding" from God have negative consequences? How can they be overcome? What have you seen or experienced of "backsliding"?


    4. Why did Ruth want to stay with Naomi? It meant leaving her home country and family and their "god". Was it just sympathy for Naomi or more? What reasons are in v. 16-17?


    5. In 20-21, Naomi changed her name from "pleasant one" to Mara-"Bitter". Have you ever felt like her and why? What did she do about it, and what have you done about it? What helped? How can you help another in their "time of troub

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    • Sun - Streaming services only until further notice


    • Mon "Christophers Gift" Nar-Anon Family Group 6:00 p.m.  

     WED Wed Bible Study online. Lunch canceled until further notice.










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