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To Finish Strong in College (Nov 27, 2018)

Prayer Request:
=11.0ptI’m coming towards the end of my second to last semester before I graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I’ve been facing a lot of challenges lately, and I’ve fallen behind on papers and assignments. Please pray that God will help me to catch up and get ahead on all the papers, all the assignments, and all the online quizzes. Pray for wisdom in time management, wisdom in getting through everything, and efficiency. Please pray that I’ll be able to finish strong, with both this semester and next. I’ve been facing serious financial challenges at this time, and haven’t really had the money to buy food, but I’ve pretty much been eating a meal a day and trying to get by. I’m a strong person, but I really need the Lord’s help. Please pray for financial provision, financial stability, and to get out of credit card debt. Thanks.

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