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Pioneer Evangelical Church Pioneer Evangelical Church

Photo Gallery: Church and Grounds Photo Gallery: Church and Grounds

Church and Grounds

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We're Focusing On The Cross!
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Communion Sunday
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Spring at Pioneer Church!
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Our New Upgrades!
Now The Overflow Crowd Can See Wat's Goin' On!
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Toddler Room Redone!

The Refurbished Toddler Room Part 2

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The Refurbished Toddler Room

Forget the animals - watch out for the kids!

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Welcome To Historical Pioneer Evangelical Church!

This is the South-West view of the sanctuary

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Our Historic Past
This oil on canvas painting by church member Phyllis Smith, shows the three stages of development of Pionner Church from the 1890's through the present day.
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Our Historic Windows
Refurbished in 2007, Pioneer Church's windows reflect the state of the art of stained-glass window making c.1890's. Made in Germany, they were purchased on a subscription basis (the donors' names are listed on the windows). The most-well known donor is Joel Palmer, Dayton's first postmaster. General Palmer was also a General in the Union Army and was Oregon's Indian Agent. These windows were shipped "around the horn" (via the tip of South America). Upon arrival in Portland, they were transferred to a stern-wheel riverboat which traveled up the Willamette and Yamhill Rivers to Dayton. In Dayton they were transferred to a horse-drawn wagon for the trip up the hill to our present church-site. Our Sanctuary features 10 windows, with two displayed in our bell tower and one (displayed in two sections) featured in our Activity Hall.
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Our Historic Windows
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Our Historic Windows
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Our Historic Windows
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The Sanctuary
This is a partial view of the interior of the sanctuary, looking from the activity center. Our last remodel project saw the addition of carpeting, new pews and a lowering of the ceiling. All framing of the sanctuary is hand-hewn, old-growth fir, which is secured with wooden pegs. The trustees have left two support timbers exposed in the activity center as a reminder of our building's history. Oh yes, the chuch is air conditioned!
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The Church Grounds
This is a view of one section ouf our church grounds. We use our grounds for various activites, from class games to weddings.
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