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  • Thanks to the good work of our trustees, Pioneer Church is th the best shape it's ever been in! To keep it that way, we volunteers to do what they can, as their time allows. Periodically we have an all-church workday to care for our facilities. If you have the skills, let's make the time, roll up our sleeves, meet at church, and go to work on the next workday! The coffee is always on and we have great fellowship as we work! Join us for the next Saturday am work morning,TBA.

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      Mark Williams - Jun 17, 8:11am:
      Welcome to the new group: Trustees!
      Richard Upmeyer - Jul 11, 9:14am:
      I will not be able to make the July 13th work day. If you intend on being there let me know and I will make sure you know what is needed.
      Richard Upmeyer - Jul 11, 9:17am:
      This is a good place to list any problams you find with the building or grounds or you can also send an e-mail to our trustee email on this site
      Richard Upmeyer - Jul 11, 9:20am:
      I would like to say thank you to the younglife crew for the fine job done weeding the parking lot and flower beds.
      Richard Upmeyer - Aug 29, 10:58am:
      I have been out of town alot lately working. I fixed the handle on the stool in the ladies room 8/27. I found a few lights out around the church. Please let me know if you know of anything else or if
      Richard Upmeyer - Oct 16, 4:08pm:
      Cleanup around the church is ongoing. Steve and I cleared some brush and burned the brush pile last week. There is trimming and weeding that needs done all the time as well. If you have a few hours ft
      Steve Hopper - Feb 17, 7:14pm:
      2 sections of fence blew down cuz 1 or 2 PT posts rotted above concrete. Ive taken it apart and will get materials needed on Wed, so anyone witb an hour or 2 on Thurs or Fri let me know, Pastor Stev
      Richard Upmeyer - Jul 23, 8:15am:
      Church campout was fun, hope you are having a good summer with family. we have a some computer issues and there is always upkeep on the building to be done, let me know when you might have an hour or
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      Sat Dec 09  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
      Sat Jan 13  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
      Sat Feb 10  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
      Sat Mar 09  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
      Sat Apr 13  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
      Sat May 11  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
      Sat Jun 08  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
      Sat Jul 13  · 9am
      The 2nd Saturday Work Day!
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